Advice to Job Applicants

If you’re applying for a job, know that there’s a great chance that the employer will look you up on social media. I know this employee that looked at someone’s Facebook page who applied for a job, and their heading on FB is something like “F**k you and the horse you came in on”… that’s all he needed to see to know that he didn’t want to hire that person. I have a feeling this person is going to loose out on many potential jobs because they seem like an ass on social media.

Moral: if your applying for a job, you may want to consider that your prospective employer will probably look at your social activity….and maybe you should think, “what would a potential employer think of what I show on social”.

Know that most employers will check social media these days before hiring their staff, so you should be showing a professional profile online and best is to keep all public content to a minimal. Do not share drunken party pics, etc publicly.

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