Basement Ventilation

It is very important to maintain a moisture-free basement. Unfortunately, homeowners who don’t take this fact seriously wind up dealing with a wide variety of problems, including serious health-related risks. One of the best ways to avoid a damp basement is proper ventilation by using a product such as the Wave unit. Unlike a dehumidifier, the Wave unit is an affordable alternative that offers many other benefits. Here is a quick summary of the problems that can arise from inadequate ventilation, and how the Wave unit can help.

A damp basement is the ideal breeding ground for toxins, pollutants, and gases. These substances grow and foster fungus, mold, and dust mites. Mold is very harmful to your health, and black mold can be deadly. In addition, allergies and respiratory ailments can arise or become worse. However, the Wave unit reduces indoor moisture levels and offers continuous air exchange for improved air quality. Regular dehumidifiers only recycle the same air over and over. In addition, dehumidifiers have been known to overheat and cause fires!

Besides the health-related risks associated with excess moisture in the basement, there is a host of other problems that can arise. One of the most obvious problems is structural damage to the home, including deterioration to its foundation. Unfortunately, foundation and structural damage can decrease the appraisal value of your home.

Maintaining a dry basement offers a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your family. In order to maintain a dry basement, consider the Wave unit. This unit will reduce the risks associated with moisture and mold, and will give you the peace of mind that you need. The best thing about the Wave unit is that it is 90% less expensive to run than a dehumidifier! Wave Home Solutions offers the Wave unit, and many other innovative solutions, including water softener solutions and much more.

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