Eating and Exercising: Tips and Tricks

You can’t expend energy without replenishing it, so food and dieting are two of the most important aspects involved with weight training. You’ll need to increase the amount of calories you consume during the course of a workout, but what you eat and drink is just as important as how many calories it contains. Below, we’ve provided some tips anyone can use to help build a meal plan that will lead to muscle gains.

Eating Before Your Workout

There is conflicting evidence here, but there is also compelling information to suggest working out on an empty or close to empty stomach can lead to better muscle gain. Try working out as soon as you get up. It’s a wonderful way to start your day as well.


Part of the bulking process involves eating more food than you would without your workout routine. That extra food intake satisfies your body’s need for energy, but it can hurt your stomach and make it hard to digest over time. That’s why you should look for digestive enzymes, perhaps protease or amylase, so your body will be able to break down fats efficiently.

Post Workout Shakes

Most people, even those just starting out, are familiar with the shake diet. Shakes are excellent for packing lots of nutrients into your body, but your muscles don’t get that benefit as quickly as they could. Try adding hydrolyzed proteins into your shake, so your muscles will absorb the energy faster and more efficiently.

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