Grow your business quickly with colocation

One of the biggest limitations for fast-growing organizations is the size of their data centers. When your infrastructure hits its limit, the lead time to build out additional capacity, or to build another data center is too long. The solution: LA colocation.

Colocation gives you options you did not know you had. Imagine facilities that maintained all the standards you need, but you only need to pay for the amount of rack space you lease and for additional services. All this with no capital investment, just the monthly rental. This sort of proposition is easy to put in front of a board or purchasing committee.

Before you push for colocation, make a build-vs-buy cost comparison and see the numbers for yourself. Often, the costs are far lower when you follow the colocation model.

Another benefit of going with colocation is that it is a cost-effective and far cheaper method of ensuring business continuity. Disaster recovery sites are expensive to build and maintain, and even if you don’t plan to move all operations to a data center, moving your DR site to a provider like Rack Alley alone can save a lot of money.

Also, you can rent additional space and capacity as and when you need it. When you need more server capacity, buy two new servers, rent out more racks, and you are ready to start. When you need to wait for servers to arrive, you can rent out server capacity in the meantime.

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