How to create a comfortable school library?

Encouraging children to read in school and at home, is a great way to improve their learning and teach them to take up a healthy habit. To help more children to use the library and to make it an inviting space, it is vital that a school ensures that their library is comfortable and inviting for young and older children. Here are some simple tips to create a warm school library.

Make sure your space is flexible – To ensure that your library is flexible, furnish your space with light, durable furniture that can be moved and rearranged whenever required. It is also essential that children have access to the internet and physical resources within close reach for seminars, presentations,and long distance learning.

Take advantage of displays – You want your children to be able to see and locate books that they may like or to highlight collections that are new to the library. Look at taking advantage of your displays, mobile fixtures, signage, and lighting.

Insist on a secure infrastructure – You will need a reliable power source that will support electronic devices, lighting, cooling and heating within your library. Remember to add good quality window treatments that reduce the need for artificial light. However, for hotter, sunnier months look at blinds and shades that can reduce cooling costs.

Comfort – Although the majority of your library should be equipped with formal seating, it is a good idea to add some sofas, bean bags and cushioned seating for students that are browsing and borrowing. Look at good quality foam and fabrics to ensure that your cushions last longer and look its best all year around.

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