One Simple Rule to Lead a Healthier & Happier Life

There’s only one rule that can help improve health, happiness and success. A big part of this has to do with the way you take care of yourself.

In particular, one simple rule helps you lead a better Life: Take 10 percent of the day and give it back to yourself.

If you are asked to pay yourself, in terms of money – then why not when it comes to time as well.

So, taking into consideration how much time a person is awake which is about 16 hours a day, that amounts to 1.6 hours in all.

Think about it: if you don’t have time for yourself, then how can you make time for others. As most people have found, setting aside at least 1.6 hours a day in your health and wellness has had excellent benefits.

In fact, most athletes, businessmen and celebrities have adopted this rule and have managed to stay on top as well. Others who have ignored it, have found themselves burning out.

Another benefit that stems from investing time for your health ensures that the accumulation of wealth too.

However, this is not new as teachers throughout history have talked about maintaining a balance.

By setting aside 10 percent of your day, you are encouraging this policy of a Life that is balanced. An approach that will guarantee success and help you remain so in the future.

So, no matter what you prefer doing to stay healthy – be it yoga, going to the gym, hiking or even going to the spa, this will improve your vitality, immunity and energy levels too.

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