Three Easy Ways to Keep Your RV Clean and Comfortable

Summary: Keep your RV or camper clean with these three proven tips.

RVs and campers can turn into a dirty, uninhabitable place pretty quickly. But, there are ways to stay organized and keep your RV from turning into something you never wanted by following these three tips.

Avoid Storing Too Much

By only storing the necessities on your RV, you’re essentially leaving less room for you to make a mess. People have a tendency to overpack their vehicle with all sorts of food, supplies, and other accessories that they don’t even end up using. And, once the vacation is over, the last thing you want to do is clean up the mess you made. Pack light and take only the necessary items that you need.

Clean Out Food Immediately

An RV makes a great place for relaxing and casually eating while on the road. However, with all the bumps and turns, crumbs are bound to dropped and liquids are occasionally spilled. This should always be addressed immediately. By leaving old food and crumbs all over the RV, you’re opening up your vehicle to bugs and even unwanted animals. If you don’t want your camper to become a breeding ground for nature’s pests, make sure to keep it clean from any food debris.

Keep a Consistent Cleaning Schedule

It becomes way too easy to clean whenever you feel like it. However, when weeks turn to months, and your RV is still not clean, it turns into a mess and can even permanently damage the interior without you even knowing. Create a cleaning schedule that you can realistically stick to – and something that doesn’t just involve you inspecting your RV. Tasks like vacuuming and dusting should become habitual.

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